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Dog Grooming Services in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Fully furnished and equipped parlour, offering pamper sessions to suit your pooches needs.

We use only professional products suited to your dogs individual coat type, breed and preferences.

Full Groom

Pampers may differ slightly due to breed, behaviour, coat type and condition but will all asually include a pre-bath brush, hygiene clip (paws, armpits, bum etc), ear wash, nail clip and a visual health check. Your pooch will then have a bubbly warm shower consisting of at least two shampoos. Depending on the type of coat, we will add extra conditioner for a silky smooth feel. Once bathed, we use a combination of drying techniques, such as a towel, blaster, and finishing dryer to enhance your dogs coat.

We will then groom your dog using clipper and/or scissoring techniques to make your pooch look the best it can be, wether this be to your preferences or the breed standard.

To finish off we add a complimentary cologne that leaves your dog smelling gorgeous for days.

Prices start from:

*£25 : will be dependant upon size coat type, condition, breed and behaviour. This will be agreed in advance.

Other Pampers

Bath and Dry Only

Keep your pooch smelling great, includes hygiene groom and visual health check.

Bath and Tidy

As above but we will tidy round paws, legs, feathers, thin out/groom problem areas.

Puppy Groom

Get your puppy used to being groomed with bespoke sessions tailored to your pooch (under 6 months only)

Nail Clipping

We clip nails as part of a full groom but can also clip nails if needed at other times.